The Author

Jennifer Maksimovich

When Jennifer was around 5 years old, she wrote a story about a pig: a non-fictional account of what a pig ate, where it lived, etc. She illustrated this gem with cute curly-tailed swine. She folded it into a book, giving it an appropriate title: The Pig Book and signed it “By Book Maker Jennifer”. Her father cherished it, calling Jennifer, his “Pig Book Maker” even years later.

As Jennifer got older, she began seeking her life-purpose, thinking that somehow a gong would sound, and she would be bequeathed with some earth-shattering revelation. Unfortunately, nothing miraculously appeared except the biotech sales career that developed out of reading a book called Mega-Trends. So she set her sights on curing incurable diseases with gene-therapy elixirs.

Jennifer stayed on the biotech bandwagon, receiving a Molecular Biology Master’s degree, spending long hours in labs for 8yrs. She was elated to finally be working in her chosen field only to realize that lab life wasn’t the gig that filled her soul. And her colleagues noticed too. Jennifer didn’t “act” like most scientists, so maybe she should go to the ‘dark side’ and try sales.

Thus began a slightly more well-suited career, selling research services to support drug discovery. Yet Jennifer remained unfulfilled, nearing mid-life with no legacy to speak of, wondering if she would ever find her true calling.

After 25yrs, she finally took a class called “How to Write Your Book” that opened her heart to rediscovering what the 5-year-old Jennifer knew all along: She really was a ‘book maker’!

Jennifer has published two books in 2021, a banner “book maker” year! Although very different books on the surface (a children’s book about angels and an adult short fictional ghost story), they both touch on spirituality, friendships, and overcoming physical and metaphysical challenges. There are many more books waiting to be written. She hopes you enjoy these books and those yet to come because she will continue writing and creating them, it is after all her true calling!

A Message

From the Author

I hope Betty brings my readers joy! Just seeing her angelic face and tiny fairy wings always puts a big smile on my face. Betty reminds me that with Hope, Faith, Love and Determination all is possible! And with a little dusting of chocolate chip cookie crumbs, you've got magic!