The Chunkiest Angel

The Chunkiest Angel

Written by Jennifer Maksimovich

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About the Book

Betty is an new “Earth Angel” in Guardian Angel Training Camp, trying her best to fit in, but feeling ill suited for the challenge. She gets distracted, eating chocolate chip cookies,  hears crying, and trys her hand at helping another soul in need. This leads to finding a new friend, a young girl, struggling with life during the Pandemic, drawing Betty into discovering her own purpose through helping another soul in need.

A Quote

From the Book

She watched as her peers flapped and lifted off the clouds, some already doing aerial acrobats! She looked around at her tiny set of wings flapping furiously like a dog paddling water and got an entire foot off the ground. Exhausted, she fell back into the soft cloudy field and thought, “Now why would anyone give the Chunkiest Angel fairy wings?! This must be some sort of joke!!!”

Book Features

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Stunningly illustrated, short 14 page read, suitable for young and old.
Coping mechanisms for dealing with the pandemic that both kids and adults can easily apply.
Fun, relatable angelic imagery.
Non-denominational, positive messaging about two imperfect souls helping each other transform and surmount challenges, both Earthly and Heavenly.

What People are Saying

I think that this book has a lot of feelings in it. Betty, the angel, feels sad at first. Then she hears this voice and it's a girl crying. Her name is Rose. The main lesson of the story is appearances don't matter, it's how you treat someone that matters. You can always help others by being nice to people. I would like to give this book a 5 star rating because I loved all the details and the feelings it had.
Reader, Age 7
I think this book shows a lot of integrity because Betty, the chunkiest angel, was ashamed of her tiny wings and chunkiness, but those abilities made her able to hear souls crying out for help. I also think that she helped the girl named Rose, because Rose was thinking about the Coronavirus and her grandma couldn't come visit her. So Betty, the chunky angel, really helped her. The illustrations were lovely. I give this book a five-star review.
Reader, Age 9
In my opinion the book The Chunkiest Angel, deserves a five star rating. The book had wonderful content and the illustrations were beautiful. I love how the chunkiest angel named Betty showed a lot of empathy towards the character named Rose. Also, how even though Betty was going through a lot of tough things at Angel Training Camp, she still helped Rose feel better. I just love how it taught the lesson that the true thing that is more important than outer beauty, is inner beauty.
Reader, Age 11


From the Author

My husband always calls me his “Angel”, but I had gained so much weight, I would say (or think to myself), “How can such a chunky angel fly?” This was the beginning seed from which my imaging grew, wondering what challenges a chunky ‘Earth Angel’ might experience in Heaven.

Since I started writing the story in 2020, just as the pandemic took hold, one of the ‘challenges’ I thought this angel would face would be coping with the way everyone’s lives were impacted by COVID19. I thought of how children especially would struggle, as routines and friends/playing are so important for a sense of security and social development. Nobody knew how long the pandemic would last, so it was risky, as I didn’t think it would remain as relevant a topic through the end of 2020. I hope soon this pandemic will be behind us thanks to vaccines, but the overall message of The Chunkiest Angel is still timeless: stay positive, focus on what you can do vs. limitations, and try to help others in need.